Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a new member and I don't have AF Blues or a Corporate Polo uniform yet. Can I wear my ABUs or a Flight Suit?

Absolutely NOT! Business-casual is permitted. Jeans, Levis and T-Shirts /Sweatshirts are discouraged. Good taste is the key word.

What is the correct attire for the Banquet?

  • CAP Mess Dress (Formal) Uniform

  • AF Blue Service Uniform with Service Coat & Tie (Cadet & Senior Members)

  • CAP Corporate Blazer Uniform (Senior Members)

  • CAP Corporate Aviator Uniform (Senior Members)

  • Civilian Business Suit (Coat & Tie) (Male Members)

  • Dresses (Female Members)

  • AF Blue Class "B" Uniform with Tie/Tie Tab (Cadets)