Communications Bulletin

Attention WAWG Radio Operators!

National Communications has just released an updated program for the VHF radios. This is to make our radios NTIA compliant, giving us many more channels than we have had in the past for interoperability. 

We apologize for the late notice, however, the fall conference will be a golden opportunity to get as many radios as possible reprogrammed. This will include the vehicles. We are asking that all personnel and units that have radios, bring them to the communications office (see below) during the Fall conference. We will be there all day, if you can bring them by first thing in the morning, We will get them reprogrammed and ready for you to pick up after the day's activities. We ask that you mark them with the name of your unit or your name so that we can get them back to whom they belong to. If at all possible please have them boxed together. No need to bring power supplies or power cords, we will have those available. The vans we can reprogram in a few minutes while in the vehicle so please bring them by and we will get the job done. 

If you have HF radios please bring them in as well so that we can make sure they are programmed with the correct call sign, I know that many have moved between members of the units and are no longer properly programmed. This is a good opportunity to fix those issues as well. 

This is also an opportunity for us to validate your equipment for the annual inventory if you have equipment issued to you directly from Wing Headquarters. Additionally, if you are having trouble with your radio please bring it in so we can get it repaired. 

If you are not attending the conference please try to find someone that is coming that can bring your radios in. It is very important that we get all the VHFs reprogrammed. The channels will change significantly and we need to make them NTIA compliant. 

Thank you for your assistance with this large job. With your help, we can get this job done as quickly as possible. 
If you have any questions please let us know at

Chris MacSpadden, CAPT, CAP 
WAWG Net Control