Members with Logistics needs: Supply Officers and reps are invited to visit the Logistics Office at Wing HQ where they can pick up uniforms, Aerospace Education books, and discuss serving on Logistics staff!





Cadet Programs Officer Workshop     

See schedule below:

Hosted by WAWG Assistant Cadet Program Development Officer, Maj Johnathan Hughes

EOM Dining Room

08:00 Encampment Working Meeting Debrief of 2018 Cascade Falcon with key staff, information for interested Seniors for 2019.
09:00 Arlington Fly-In Working Meeting Debrief of 2018 Fly-In with key staff, information for interested Seniors for 2019.
10:00 Group CP Dev. Officer Meeting By Invitation: Key CP Personnel monthly call, face to face.
11:00 Lunch Break  
12:30 CP General Updates Pt 1 National CP update & 2019 activities information.
13:30 CP General Updates Pt 2 Trends, statistics, and insights in the WAWG Cadet Program
Cadet Programs Officer Forum
Introducing CPDs & the Big 4 Unit Priorities, Unit Troubleshooting & Q&A
CP Specialty Track Mentoring

17:30 End of Workshops  


Chaplain's Corner

This session will include short briefings on Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention and Awareness within CAP, as well as a review of the October Down Day material and Wreaths Across America 2018 efforts.

Chaplain Adam will also make himself available to anyone that would like to speak 1:1. Please feel free to email him at any time!

Hosted by WAWG Deputy Chaplain (Lt Col) William "Bill" Adam

Red Baron Room


Aerospace Education Technician Workshop

Get your Technician AEO rating in this 6-hour hands-on workshop! 

Hosted by WAWG Director of Aerospace Education, Maj Carl A Lindberg and ORWG Director of Aerospace Education, Maj Bradley J Naas

Enlisted Room

NLT 1050

Intro to WMIRS and Mission Payment Processing

Plus, meet the new WAWG Director of Operations and Emergency Services Officer!

Hosted by WAWG Director of Operations, Maj Ralph Black

Fireside Lounge


Compliance Officer Meeting

Compliance Officers and/or Unit Commanders should attend this meeting! 

Hosted by WAWG Assistant Inspector General, Lt Col Randolph C Fish

Emerald Room


Inspector General Q&A

Participants are encouraged to email to ask questions in advance of this seminar!

Hosted by WAWG Inspector General, Lt Col John Ralph & Assistant Inspector General, Lt Col Randolph C Fish

Emerald Room


Professional Development & Personnel

This 2-hour combined workshop will discuss the ins and outs of how to get promotions approved on the first try. We will then discuss how the Professional Development requirements (i.e. Specialty Tracks, additional training) merge with the other requirements for a successful outcome. 

Hosted by WAWG Director of Professional Development, Lt Col Edwin A Keeney and WAWG Director of Administration & Personnel Officer, Lt Col Keith J Weber

Wright Brothers Room




Risk Management and Mission Safety Officer Prep

This class will be discussing the various options/formats available for completing a risk management safety analysis. The second half of this class will be a discussion on how to prepare for a mission as a safety officer. This discussion will be facilitated by Maj Colleen Hack. Maj Hack has been on seven search missions and held the qualification of Mission Safety Officer for more than ten years.

Note: Please bring your laptop so you can download class materials. We will have thumb drives to pass around for students.

ICS215A Form

Hosted by WAWG Director of Safety, Lt Col Phillip Pearson and Fort Vancouver Safety Officer, Maj Colleen Hack

Fireside Lounge


Recruiting & Retention: How to Recruit!

See Wing-developed recruitment materials, see what it takes to make to a great recruiting booth, get new ideas, and play with stomp rockets!

Participants are encouraged to email to ask questions in advance of this seminar!

Hosted by WAWG Recruiting & Retention Officer, 1st Lt Stacy Hulse

Wright Brothers Room



Plans and Programs: How-To and Q&A

Learn how the WAWG Activity Submission system works, get technical help, navigate electronic document signature, and more.

Participants are encouraged to email to ask questions in advance of this seminar!

Hosted by WAWG Plans and Programs Officer, 1st Lt Victoria Wonser

Technical Support provided by WAWG Chief of Staff, Capt Jessica Jerwa

Wright Brothers Room


Interactive Learning Lab: Your Questions Answered!

Bring your laptop and your questions! Follow along while we navigate the Washington Wing webpage, file-sharing and collaboration tools in Google Drive, cover some eServices FAQs and more! 

This session will be web-enabled. 

Members of WAWG with a email address can view the call-in details in this secured file. 

Participants are encouraged to email to ask questions in advance of this seminar!

Hosted by WAWG Chief of Staff, Capt Jessica J Jerwa

Wright Brothers Room



Group Commander’s Call

In-person attendance requested for this meeting.

Hosted by WAWG Vice Commander, Lt Col Kenneth W Butler

Room TBD


Commander’s Call

This will be a web-enabled call for all Squadron and Group Commanders and delegates.

Hosted by WAWG Commander, Col Shelly J Norman

Enlisted Room


CADET WORKSHOPS - rotating blocks

Red Baron Room

Dance Class

Learn the basics of dancing with and without a partner, and put it to the test later at the banquet's dance!

Hosted by C/1st Lt Aaron Somma and C/CMSgt Jane Fujinaka

Color Guard How-To Workshop 

Learn the basics of Color Guard movements and maneuvers.

Hosted by C/TSgt Elisa Sun, formerly of Detachment 910 AFROTC Color Guard

Military Enlisted and Officer Perspectives

Come listen to different Army/Air Force officers and enlisted personnel speak about their experiences and answer any questions you might have, including Air Force special operations and Air Force security forces!

Current guest speakers-
-CMSgt Erin B., 22d Special Tactics Squadron
-Guest TBD, 194th Security Forces Flight (WA ANG)

Hosted by Overlake Composite Sqdn. ACDC, 1st Lt Alex DeSoto


Cadet Aerospace Education Workshop

This session will discuss paper plane aerodynamics and how to make the best plane you can!

Hosted by C/1st Lt Catherine Fosburgh


Organizing a Weekend Activity

In this session, we'll cover what you as a cadet need to know and do in order to set up your basic weekend activity and get out of the same old weekly meetings!

Hosted by WAWG Director of Cadet Programs, Lt Col Kathy Maxwell



Come check out the various other sessions, including sewing lessons with C/Capt Greco, Cadet Advisory Council with C/Maj Kusman, and how to deal with those senior members who give you so much grief with Lt Col Maxwell and Lt Comstock!


Officer’s Reception (Officers Only)

State Room



State Room


Cadet Dance!

State Room


Officer’s Nightcap Social (Officers Only)

Open for one hour after the banquet.

Officers responsible for driving cadets home will refrain from drinking alcohol.

McChord Grill