SATURDAY, 17 November


0800-1500 Aerospace Education Technician Workshop - Room TBD 
Get your Technician AEO rating in this 6-hour hands-on workshop! 
Hosted by WAWG/AEO, Maj Carl A Lindberg and ORWG/AEO, Maj Bradley J Naas

Time TBD Professional Development & Personnel - Room TBD 
This 2-hour combined workshop will discuss the ins and outs of how to get promotions approved on the first try. We will then discuss how the Professional Development requirements (i.e. Specialty Tracks, additional training) merge with the other requirements for a successful outcome. 
Hosted by WAWG/PDO, Lt Col Edwin A Keeney and WAWG/DA & DP, Lt Col Keith J Weber

Time TBD Compliance Officer Meeting - Room TBD 
Compliance Officers and/or Unit Commanders should attend this meeting! Hosted by WAWG/IGA, Lt Col Randolph C Fish

Time TBD Intro to WMIRS and Mission Payment Processing - Room TBD 
Hosted by WAWG/DO, Maj Ralph Black

1530-1630  >  COMMANDER'S CALL – Room TBD

This will be a web-enabled call for all Squadron and Group Commanders and delegates.

Hosted by WAWG/CC, Col Shelly J Norman


In-person attendance requested for this meeting.

Hosted by WAWG/CV, Lt Col Kenneth W Butler

1200-1730  >  CADET WORKSHOPS

Rotating Blocks Dance Class - Room TBD 
Learn the basics of dancing with and without a partner, and put it to the test later at the banquet's dance! 
Hosted by TBD

Rotating Blocks Color Guard How-To Workshop - Room TBD 
Learn the basics of Color Guard movements and maneuvers. 
Hosted by TBD

Rotating Blocks Military Jobs and Careers - Room TBD 
Come listen to different Army/Air Force officers and enlisted personnel speak about their experiences and answer any questions you might have, including pilots, security forces, and possibly special operations!
Hosted by WA050/ACDC, 1st Lt Alex DeSoto

Rotating Blocks - Cadet Aerospace Education Workshop - Room TBD 
This session will discuss paper plane aerodynamics and how to make the best plane you can! 
Hosted by TBD

Rotating Blocks Organizing a Weekend Activity - Room TBD 
In this session we'll cover what you as a cadet need to know and do in order to set up your basic weekend activity and get out of the same old weekly meetings!
Hosted by WAWG/DCP, Lt Col Kathy Maxwell

More seminars and sessions will be available for cadets, keep checking back for updated information!

1700-1800  >  OFFICER'S BANQUET RECEPTION (Officers Only) – State Room

1800-2030  >  BANQUET – State Room

2030-2130  >  OFFICER'S NIGHTCAP SOCIAL – McChord Grill

Open for one hour after the banquet. 

Officers responsible for driving cadets home will refrain from drinking alcohol.