Breakout Sessions

This year our breakout sessions are available to BOTH interested cadets as well as senior officers.

Read the description thoroughly for any restricted attendance.

Friday Night

Cadet Activities - held at Cadet Billeting location

TLP - 1 hr - Friday (tentative)

Description: Icebreakers/Team Leadership Practices

Instructor(s): C/CMSgt Jane Fujinaka

Saturday, After the General Session

Portrait Station

Need an official photo? Visit the Portrait Station!

Flight Simulator Tournament

By appointment only! Cadet Programs will supply further information on the sign-up process. Match your aviator skills against your peers! Spectators will consist of the next round of pilots only. All others will be in regular breakout session.


Learn the latest and greatest in Responsibilities of Administrative Officers, Records Disposition regulations and how to handle your files. This is important to maintain a smoothly running squadron and to assist when inspection-time comes!


Learn whose responsibility it is to maintain personnel files, how to maintain them, how eServices impacts your record keeping, and all about requesting AWARDS!!!

Professional Development

Meet your new Director of Professional Development and learn his vision for future support of our Squadrons, tips, and more!

Cadet Programs Updates

** Cadet NCO’s and above may attend, as well as seniors. Each squadron should send at least one representative to take back this important update to their units!

Major changes and Best Practices are to be discussed in this 2 hour session. Learn how to efficiently run and understand organizational structure, set meeting schedules that are effective, and understand promotion cadence best practices. 

How to Plan & Offer a Broad Aerospace Education Program

How Aerospace Education Officers (cadets and senior officers) can develop an AE program that meets our Congressionally mandated mission. 

What it’s like to be an ES Mission Chaplain?

Session plan will be to review the Mission Chaplain Course as well as to briefly review the new Mission Chaplain/Chaplain Support Specialist Program, (MC-CS/CSS-CS) CAP Support Rating Track. Hear from the best real-world experiences in this area. Current qualification is not a prerequisite.


Former cadet, gone Robotic professional…says...Check out the technology that drives both the modern industrial professional as well as the hobbyist who enjoys tinkering in a home shop! Get a chance to program a large industrial robot, build and test simple circuits that demonstrate motor control and lighting techniques, experiment with generating electric power, and much more! This session will include education and career opportunities in robotics as well. Two sessions will be made available!


It makes the world go ‘round, doesn’t it?  Attend this session to understand the do’s and don’ts of unit finances, fundraising, how to survive an inspection and much more!

Wreaths Across America
Planning, organization, logistics and update meeting - great fundraiser and tribute!!

Information Technology

This fast-growing area of our organization is ripe for process improvements and utilization throughout the Wing. Meet our NEW Wing Information Technology Officer and hear what he has in mind for our future in IT at WAWG!

Inspector General Updates

Learn how to survive your squadron's SUI and the correct handling of complaints.

Inspector General Compliance Session

One representative from each squadron must attend this session!

New requirements are here for maintaining continuous compliance, which streamlines the inspection process. If you will not have a representative, you may get on the “naughty” list 😊. Seriously though...our new Wing Commander is requiring this.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

This information-packed session will include what it takes to become a UAS pilot or support person, UAS displays, how Civil Air Patrol in incorporating these operations and potential careers in this field!

Public Affairs

Meet your new Washington Wing PAO, 2d Lt Joshua DeWinter! Hear from the Evergreen Publishing Department staff and learn the in/outs of basic story publishing! Learn about proper use of social media in Civil Air Patrol. This is an area that requires great caution and discretion. PAO’s will NOT want to miss this one!


Yearly Communications Managers meeting will be the focus of this session. Updates will benefit current and potential communications officers, so if this is of interest please attend!

Air Operations Session 1

Intro to WMIRS, new FRO/70-1, and O-ride procedures (2 hrs) – split into before and after lunch sessions. Please be on time to get all the info!

Air Operations Session 2

ADS-B conversions, Aircraft Maintenance

Operations - Mission Staff

Advanced WMIRS for IC, AOBD, OSC, and PSE, GBD, GTL and the requirements for utilization. Discussion will be around Compliance Inspection findings. 


Tips N Tricks – By far the most critical activity to perform for our continued existence!  Learn Best Practices, what really works, where to recruit, guidelines and representing our organization realistic to your unit’s offering

Cadet Advisory Council

Wing CAC Chair, CAC officers and Group Reps ONLY.

Honor Guard Training - for those interesting in learning this skill

Wing Activities and Important NCSA’s 

Description: In this class, you will learn about some of the events for which Washington Wing is most famous. You’ll hear first-hand experiences at Cascade Falcon Basic Encampment, Basic Marksmanship Activity, Field Emergency Services Training, and more! C/Col Piper Phillips will help to answer any questions you may have about some of the popular National Cadet Special Activities time permitting. 

Ground Operations

State of our Wing Ground Operations and vision for the future. How to get a 101 Card. What roles you can train for, including disaster relief. Why “GES” is a great start, but not enough!

A 2nd session will go over additional info - see schedule for description

24-Hr Packs and Ropes

What does it take to efficiently construct a 24-hour pack for “real world” response.  Enjoy interactive learning on the most useful knots and rope use, along with other tips n tricks…conducted by one of the most awesome award-winning instructors in WAWG accompanied by the FEST Cadet Commander and Cadet Somma! Don’t miss it!

Emergency Services Chain of Events

The “off-airport” landing chain of events, from flight plan closing to being found!  This session is geared towards those new to ES, with interactive dialogue and demos of equipment (PELT) and more!  See descriptions for Air Ops and Mission Staff for your desired level of knowledge compared to this session.

"So you wanna be a Squadron Commander?"

An outstanding seminar primarily designed for those who are or might be interested in being a squadron commander! An interactive panel discussion with the audience, FEATURING General Mark Smith, National CC and CEO,  Col Tim Hahn, PCR CV and Lt Col Clay Shepherd.  Lt Col Ken Butler will be the facilitator.   Discussion what a commander is responsible for (everything), how to prepare yourself, what it is like to command, and some tips for being successful.

Current commanders will find the session engaging as well.

Panel members are highly-experienced in command and other areas. 


All-Member Open Cockpit 

Listen to answers of the most sought-after questions about the future of our Wing!

Wing Staff Open Cockpit 

Limited to this audience.

Group/Squadron Commander Open Cockpit 

Limited to this audience. 

Other cadet activity / feedback session


Dismissal (1100 hrs)