The hotel has a restaurant and a lounge (open 3 pm to 1 am) with a full menu. Otherwise, the closest restaurants are a couple of miles away. Check the Directions page for a map of local restaurants. 

Friday Officer's Reception

Assorted Sliders
Assorted flatbreads - with meat and vegetable toppings
Mini quiche
Chicken skewers
Coffee, water, and cash bar

Saturday Officer's Lunch

Choice of two sandwiches:
- Grilled chicken with butter lettuce, chipotle aioli and tomato on whole grain
- Roasted turkey and pepper jack with guacamole, butter lettuce and tomato on focaccia bread
- Market greens with tomato and balsamic dressing
- Potato chips
- Served with coffee, hot, and iced tea

Saturday Banquet

Buffet Dinner
Chicken with sage and bourbon mushroom sauce 
Baked ham with mango pineapple chutney 
Seasonal vegetables 
Chef’s choice/additional side 
Garden green salad with two dressings 
Classic Caesar 
Served with coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot and iced tea

Join us for dessert, served by your Wing Commander and Chief of Staff!