Individuals must have RSVP'd to Col Furlong's award notice letter for presentation to be made. Members not present will receive the award at a later date via their unit commander. Due to the number of awards being given, we will not be able to allow stand-in recipients. We also will not be able to include unit awards in this program. Thank you for understanding!

Commander's Awards 

Commander's Awards will be presented during the Saturday morning General Session. 

  • ...must be in the room NO LATER THAN 0730 hrs on Saturday morning for a briefing and short rehearsal. 
  • ...will remove badges once in their reserved seat.
  • ...will sit in specifically-assigned seats in the right front rows.
  • ...will line up at the side of the stage area when the announcement is made to do so.
  • ...will line up along the left side of the stage and wait for all awards to be presented. 
  • ...will return to the same assigned seats after a group photo is taken. (Seating in the room is limited).

"Of the Year" Awards / Other Special Presentations 

"Of the Year" Awards and other Special Presentations will be made during the Saturday evening Banquet. 

The program will begin with a Spaatz and other special presentation by the National Commander. 

OTY Award Recipients:
  • ...will line up at the side of the stage area in the order indicated via email in advance when the announcement is made to do so.
Other Special Award Recipients will follow.

How to accept your award

Salute, Shake, Take, Salute

When indicated by the cadet usher, the order of motions is:
    1. Approach stage area to your right 
    2. Approach presenter
    3. Salute
    4. ShakeStand, turn 90 degrees and face forward, while brief citation is read
    5. Take    - Hold for: (1) family photo (2) then official
    6. Salute
    7. Proceed across stage area and return to same seat